Making A Difference 

Years of Service:

The organizations represented by The Women's Alliance have been in operation since the early 1990's. The first organization of its kind, Bottomless Closet of Chicago, incorporated in 1990.

Founding member cities are:

Chicago IL, San Jose CA, Washington D.C., Philadelphia PA, Miami FL

Other member cities are:

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Women Served:

Combined, the organizations represented by our board have served over 130,000 women. Monthly, the combined efforts of these organizations benefit 2,500 women.

Client Employment:

The average percentage of women obtaining employment after receiving the services of a member organization is between 65 – 70%.


On average, 65% of our clients are single mothers and former welfare recipients.

Money Saved:

Each client achieving economic self-sufficiency saves U.S. taxpayers approximately $7,000 per year in direct assistance payments alone.

Agencies Helped:

Over 500 job-readiness programs achieve greater placement numbers by partnering with The Women's Alliance members. Additionally, many more agencies receive thousands of pieces of donated clothing deemed inappropriate for workplace activities by The Women's Alliance member organizations.


Our work is driven and directed by our clients and the thousands of dedicated volunteers serving them. Among our membership, an average of 2 paid staff people per organization currently manage day-to-day operations.